Who we are

Vintage Jewelry was born from the concern and hope of three generations of women to create access to all of history’s genuine jewels, after more than 20 years dedicated to the world of antiques.

Following this, along with our experience as antiquarians, we started a meticulous work in the search of the best expert silversmiths in the art of silver jewellery production.

Vintage Jewelry, evokes the best of past times and we have brought it to Madrid, in our shop you will feel transported to Ancient Egypt, Classic Greece, the emblematic Medieval Castles, the purest Baroque France or the lavish casinos of the ‘Belle Époque,’ simply by passing from one display stand to the other.

We specialize in engagements and great occasions, however we do not leave out that special piece that will make something different and original out of your day-to-day look.

We would love to meet you, collaborate with you or simply exchange thoughts and experiences with you if you are another passionate antique lover.

We await your visit!

Who are Lopez Linares Vintage Jewelry?

López-Linares Anticuarios